2016 National Conference
June 24-27, 2016 • Boston, Mass.

The first Educators Rising National Conference will take place June 24-27, 2016, at Boston University in Boston, Mass. Educators Rising is the evolution of the Future Educators Association. All Educators Rising members can participate in this action-packed event filled with networking opportunities, competitive events, and professional development for students and teachers alike. Sessions will feature education leaders from across the country.

FAQ about the 2016 National Conference

FEA previously held national conferences in April. Why move to June?

  • Getting out of the way of April’s testing season and proms should make the attending the conference more feasible for more participants.
  • June opens up the possibility of using a university campus as our conference venue, which can decrease costs for participants and should offer a highly engaging experience.
  • Other national student organizations (FCCLA, TSA, FBLA) have seen great success in holding early summer national conferences.
  • States can have more time to hold their state conferences. This way, competitors won’t be rushed to finalize their projects and presentations early in the school year.

Why change from a hotel venue to a university campus?

  • Three reasons: lower cost (adios hotel catering and hello all-you-can-eat college dining halls), more direct connection to rising educators’ professional journeys, and more fun.

Can seniors still participate, even though the conference will happen after they have graduated?

  • Every district has different policies on this, but given the success of FCCLA, FBLA, and TSA in holding national conferences in early summer that include recently graduated students, it isn’t an issue for most administrators to encourage participation and support for graduating seniors.