26th Annual Future Educators Association® National Conference
April 23-25, 2015 • Washington, D.C.

2015 FEA National Competitions

FEA National Competitions offer developing educators exciting, authentic opportunities to measure their creativity, skills, and initiative against high standards and their peers from across the country. The final rounds for each competition take place on-site at the FEA National Conference on April 23-25, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Va., just outside Washington, D.C.

Which Competitions are Available?

We have 19 for FEA members in secondary (middle and high school) school and 3 for FEA members in higher education. Check them out.

The deadline for competitions is March 16, 2015.

Middle/High School
Children’s Literature    Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Creative Lecture (TED Talk)   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Ethical Dilemma   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Exploring Education Administration Careers   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply  
Exploring Careers in Education Innovation    Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply  
Exploring Student Support Services Careers   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply  
FEA Leadership Award   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply  
FEA Moment   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Impromptu Speaking   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Inside Our Schools Presentation   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Job Interview   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Lesson Planning & Delivery – Career & Technical Education   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Lesson Planning & Delivery – Humanities   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Lesson Planning & Delivery – STEM   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Public Speaking   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Recruitment & Marketing Presentation   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Researching Learning Challenges   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Service Project Presentation   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Technology Video   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   

Higher Education
Creative Lecture (TED Talk)   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Job Interview   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   
Lesson Planning & Delivery   Guidelines  |  Rubric  |  Apply   

What’s New?

If you’ve participated in FEA competitions before, you should check over the 2015 guidelines because many of them have been revised — for the better! We are focusing on helping FEA students to grow their skills and leadership, so the competitions have been reorganized around that priority.

All competitions will feature an on-site presentation or discussion with judges. (The only exception is the FEA Leadership Award, which must be pre-judged.)

For the first time in 2015, we are offering:

  • Creative Lecture (Think of it as a TED Talk or advanced-level public speaking.)
  • 3 Lesson Planning & Delivery Competitions, broken down by subject area (Career & Technical Education, Humanities, and STEM)
  • 3 higher education competitions (Creative Lecture, Lesson Planning & Delivery, and Job Interview)

How are the Competitions Scored?

Judges’ rubrics are posted above next to each competition and provide details for how each entrant will be scored. Also, be sure to follow the guidelines.

When is the Deadline to Register to Compete at the FEA National Conference?

March 16, 2015.

Where do I go to Register to Compete?

An "Apply Now" link will appear next to each competition title when the competitions are open.